Awards and Recognition

Founders Judith Bendich, David Stobaugh, and Stephen Strong were named "Lawyers of the Year" for 1997 by a Boston, MA legal newspaper, Lawyers Weekly USA.

The firm was awarded the Public Justice Award for 2000 by the Washington State Trial Lawyers Association for efforts on behalf of permatemps denied standard job benefits by Microsoft.

A Resolution of Commendation was issued by the Faculty of the University of Washington School of Law on January 11, 2001. The Resolution stated that the law firm of Bendich, Stobaugh and Strong "throughout its existence [has] successfully committed itself to providing guidance and assistance to parties whose voices have struggled to be heard;...has demonstrated a continuing commitment to justice for all citizens through public service..." and has "...brought honor to the University of Washington School of Law and to the legal profession." In recognition of this achievement, "it [is] resolved by the faculty of the university of Washington School of Law that Bendich, Stobaugh and Strong be congratulated and commended for....exemplary service to the community, the state, and the nation."

The National Employment Lawyers Association ("NELA") recognized Bendich, Stobaugh & Strong, P.C. with an award for "extraordinary contributions" toward passage of the Civil Rights Tax Relief Act of 2005. The award was presented at the employment lawyers' convention in Philadelphia on June 24, 2005.

The firm received the Local Hero Award in 2005 from the Washington State Bar Association for our "pro bono work securing the passage of provisions permitting clients who win employment discrimination and similar cases to take a full tax deduction for their attorneys’ fees and costs by outlawing the double taxation of attorney awards in employment discrimination, civil rights, and other aspects of cases involving employment relations." This legislation allows clients to fully benefit from the reparations awarded them in these cases.

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